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Abdul Hanan Abdullah, Professor Dr.

B.Sc Comp. Sc. ( San Francisco ), M.Sc Comp. Sc. ( San Francisco ), Ph.D. Comp. Sc. (Aston Univ.)

Room: N28-301-05
Telephone: 07-5532000
E-mail: hanan@utm.my
Deputy Dean (Research & Postgraduate Studies)
Naomie Salim, Associate Professor Dr.

B. Comp. Sc. (UTM), M. Sc. Comp. Sc. ( W. Michigan , US) Ph. D Info. Sc. ( Univ. of Sheffield )

Room: D07-474-01
Telephone : 07-55 32208
E-mail: naomie@utm.my
Deputy Dean (Development)

Mohammad Ishak Desa, Professor Dr.

B,Sc Maths (UKM), Postgrad Dip. Sys. Analysis (Aston), M.A. Math. Sc. ( Univ. of Illinois ), Ph.D Operational Research ( Salford )

Room: Dean Office
Telephone: 07-5532003
E-mail: mishak@utm.my
Web Site: http://ppi.fsksm.utm.my/staf/ishak/
Deputy Dean (Academic)

Muhammad Shafie Bin Abd Latiff, Associate Professor Dr.

B. Comp. Sc. (UTM), M.Sc. Comp. Sc. (UTM), Ph.D(Bradford Univ.)

Room: Dean Office
Telephone: 07-5532003
E-mail: shafie@utm.my
Web Site: http://www.csc.fsksm.utm.my/~shafie/
Head of Computer Graphics & Multimedia Department

Daut Daman, Associate Professor

B.Sc. Math./Comp. Sc. (USM),Adv. Dip. Comp. Sc. (Wales),M.Sc. App. Computing (Cranfield)

Room: N28-206-05
Telephone: 07-5532315
E-mail: daut@utm.my
Head of Software Engineering Department

Wan Mohd. Nasir Wan Kadir , Sr. Lecturer Dr.

B.Sc.& Comp. with Edu. (UTM), M.Sc. in Comp. (UMIST), Ph. D - Informatics (Univ. of Manchester)

Room: N28-305-11
Telephone: 07-5532348
E-mail: wnasir@utm.my
Web site: http://www.se.fsksm.utm.my/~wnasir/
Head of of Modelling & Industrial Computing Department

Habibollah Haron, Associate Professor Dr.

B. Comp. Sc. (UTM), M.Sc.Comp. Manufacture (CIM) ( Sussex ), Ph. D Comp. Aided Geometric Design (CAGD) (UTM)

Room: N28-439-08
Telephone: 07-5532349
E-mail: habib@utm.my
Web site: http://ppi.fsksm.utm.my/staf/habib/
Head of of Computer System & Communication Department
Mazleena Bte Salleh, Associate Professor Dr.

B.Sc. Elect. Eng. (Univ. of Southern Calif.), M.Sc. Elect. Eng. (Virginia Tech. & State Univ.)

Room: N28-347-08
Telephone : 07-5532369
E-mail: mazleena@utm.my
Head of of Information System Department

Azizah Abd. Rahman, Associate Professor Dr.

B.Sc. Comp. Sc. (U. Southwestern Louisiana), M.Sc. Comp. Sc. (W. Michigan Univ.) Ph. D (Comp. Sc. UTM)

Room: N28-402-10
Telephone : 07-5532403
E-mail: azizahar@utm.my
Web site: http://www.is.fsksm.utm.my/azizah/
Head of of Postgraduate Studies Department

Siti Zaiton Mohd Hashim, Dr.

B. Sc Comp. Sc./Maths. (Univ. of Hartford), M. Sc. Computing (Bradford), Ph. D Soft Computing (Univ. of Sheffield)

Room: N28-306-18
Telephone : 07-5532439
E-mail: sitizaiton@utm.my
Web site: http://www.se.fsksm.utm.my/~szaiton/
Head of of External Programme Department

Abd. Manan Ahmad, Associate Professor

B.Sc Comp. Sc (Northrop), M.A. Mathematical Sys.(SSU)

Room: N28-305-04
Telephone : 07-5532201
E-mail: manan@utm.my
IT Manager

Md. Asri bin Ngadi , Sr. Lecturer Dr.

B. Comp. Sc. (UTM), M. Comp. Sc (UTM), Ph.D Comp. Sc (Aston)

Room: N28- 346-02
Telephone: 07-5532384
E-mail: dr.asri@utm.my
Web site: http://www.csc.fsksm.utm.my/~asri/
CASE Director

Shamsul Sahibudin, Associate Professor Dr.

B.Sc. Comp. Sc. ( W. Michig. ), M.Sc. Comp. Sc. (Cent. Michig), Ph.D Comp.Sc. ( Aston Univ. )

Room: N28-301-06
Telephone: 07-5532003
E-mail: shamsul@utm.my
Deputy Registrar

Mariani Abdul Samad

Room : N28-201-04
Telephone: 07-5532007
E-mail: mariani as @utm.my
Assistant Registrar (Human Resources)

Mohd Shah Rafi Mohd Hasim


Room: N28-301-02
Telephone: 07-5532004
E-mail: mshahrafi@utm.my
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